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December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays from rumr marketing

December Newsletter

Just wanted to wish you hope, peace, joy and other marketing buzzwords. Now let’s get our minds off of America’s crippling debt crisis by maxing-out our credit cards on reckless holiday shopping! And remember, not working during the holidays is the new Christmas bonus. Sláinte! read more


November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from rumr marketing

November Newsletter

I’m thankful for a great many things – awesome clients (past, present & future), holiday shenanigans and wine. Lots and lots of wine… Now let’s express gratitude for our prosperity while ravaging a beheaded fowl carcass. Happy Thanksgiving! read more


October 14, 2015

When it comes to logo creation, is simpler really better?

October Newsletter

Switching from a serif to a sans serif font can sometimes remove the “spark” from a company’s logo. Have you ever asked yourself “How many visitors is enough for your website?” The answer isn’t so straightforward as you might expect. According to Mercedes-Benz, no consumer is ever too young to start fostering brand loyalty. And meet the man who bought for $12. Seriously, he did! read more


September 22, 2015

Do your core values drive success? If not, try again.

September Newsletter

Many companies create generic core values, but do they directly connect to your company’s goals? And before you use that consumer photo on social media, make sure you have permission. Century 21’s “Sounds of Home” Facebook ads tease consumers with text about the sounds they are missing out on, like sizzling bacon. Mmmmm…bacon. And like Apple, are you utlizing “flat” product design? Careful, you might be confusing your viewers. read more


August 29, 2015

Cut ties with troublesome customers

August Newsletter

Turning away potentially lucrative but troublesome customers is sometimes worthwhile. Also, successful customer prospecting requires evidence-based, data-driven marketing that stands for something more than just selling products. Have you seen Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast characters series? You are one of the few that has not! And finally, when is the last time you’ve made a Jell-O salads? Don’t feel bad, because apparently nobody else is, either… read more


July 14, 2015

Finding more subscribers for your business’ e-mail list

July Newsletter

Research suggests that less than half of businesses are using e-mail marketing as an outreach method, even though it can generate a strong ROI. C’mon, people! And according to a recent study, 94% of all travelers say they document their journeys on Facebook. Because why wouldn’t they? Finally, a recent Coca-Cola ad featuring six strangers meeting and conversing with each over a meal (and Cokes) will bring-up ALL the feels. Seriously, it will and I dare you not to feel your heart grow three times… read more


June 16, 2015

Anxiety makes for good planning

June Newsletter

The best leaders are nervous about the future and plan for what has to change. Also learn how to build a loyal and engaged online community through consistant interaction and feedback. As a small-business owner, family and friends are sometime your only option. Learn how to tactfully handle this (unfortunate) situation. And video directors are embracing shooting films on the iPhone 6 because of the flexibility its portability allows. Who knew? read more


May 12, 2015

Tips for making it big on YouTube

May Newsletter

Meet the father-son team making $1.3 Million on the YouTube channel EvanTubeHD, as well as how LinkedIn is being used by small-business owners to engage with their networks and attract new customers. And in a surprising move, Frito-Lay is moving away from the agency-of-record model and will work with all agencies on a project basis. Don’t forget to view the Krystal burger cheese lovers death metal minibike jump. Yes, you read that right… read more


April 21, 2015

Tactics to get more out of your e-mail marketing

April Newsletter

E-mail marketing is widely used, but you may not be getting the results you want. Also, Google’s “mobilegeddon” has arrived but is your website prepared for the fallout? Samsung has a new POWERbot vacuum cleaner and their ad campaign is ridiculously & wonderfully over the top. And be sure to view this mouth-shaped door gallery from around the world. A-maw-zing! read more


March 17, 2015

What marketers can learn from the Girl Scouts

March Newsletter

The Girl Scouts recognize the value of personal connections and their marketing methods demonstrate the need to develop a seamless customer experience. Also, 2015 SXSW has companies whipping up hashtag campaigns that turn social chatter into on-the-ground activations, while AMC has released an app that inserts Facebook photos into Don Draper’s Kodak pitch from “Mad Men’s” first season. And the new Skoda Fabia commerical will totally blow your mind. read more


February 10, 2015

Value, branding can offer an edge over big-box stores

February Newsletter

Competing with big-box retailers requires shifting your attention to the opportunities you have to gain an advantage. And are you asking yourself the right questions to develope an effective social media marketing campaign? Tell me if you’ve heard this one, “A rhinocerus makes its way to the gym…” And finally, Snickers has created a ssssssss-scary and ssssssss-sexy take on the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ad campaign. read more


January 13, 2015

Why brands need interactive video content

January Newsletter

Brands that use interactive video content experience higher consumer engagement and sales. Who knew? Also learn 13 tips to stay on the right track when launching an effective e-mail marketing campaign, as well as some common misconceptions about the design of Apple products, including that Steve Jobs’s passion scared employees. Oh, I TOTALLY believe that one… read more


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