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rumr has it! September 22, 2015

Do your core values drive success? If not, try again

Core Values
Many companies create core values, but they are usually generic, agreeable traits. It’s better to promote values that directly connect to your company’s goals, even if those values are harder to agree on or live up to.

In other words, if everyone agrees on your core values, they probably need a little more work. That’s why the rumr marketing core values include innovation, fun and rewarding work and the Punching Game. OK, I will admit that the last one is a work-in-progress…

Source: Jamie Notter learn more

rumr likes it!

Mr. Sushi
Japanese owned and operated since 1984, I fell in love with Mr. Sushi Japanese Restaurant during my very first visit, upon finishing a literal boatload of delicious sushi. And if it’s your birthday, be prepared for the sound of gong drums and singing waitstaff while you enjoy their un-fancy but undeniably delicious homemade rum cake.
Mr. Sushi Chefs

Why retailers should be careful when using consumer photos

Social Media Brands are making more use of user-generated photos on social media to engage with consumers, but there is ambiguity about the rights to use those photos and how brands should seek permission.

Hate to tell ya, folks, but if you think there is ANY internet privacy - photos or otherwise - then I have an English castle to sell you…
Source: Experience: The New York Times learn more
Century 21

Century 21 tempts Facebook users to click autoplay spots

Century 21 “Sounds of Home” Facebook ads tease consumers with text about the sounds they are missing out on - bacon sizzling, guitar strumming or children playing - before suggesting that viewers buy a home and fill it with their own sounds.

Shut-up… just shut-up. You had me at sizzling bacon. You had me at sizzling bacon…
Source: AdWeek view video
iOS 9

“Flat Design”? Destroying Apple’s Legacy…
or Saving It?

Apple has produced some of the best industrial design in the history of consumer products, by eliminating edges, by smoothing and streamlining. But what works beautifully for hardware does not work for software. Some design choices can hurt users, like misusing metaphors (turning buttons into links), eliminating visual affordances, and eliminating informational hierarchy, among others.

I will admit to cursing at the inability of my iPhone to recognize the most basic of “finger-swipes.” But is that my problem or the phone’s? Yeah, let’s blame the phone…
iOS 9
Cheerful Software Manifesto learn more

rumr has it!

rumr marketing offers turn-key services that bring awareness to your brand and help grow your business. Our real-world approach to creating‚ implementing and measuring integrated marketing strategies limits your risk and provides you with a measurable value for your investment.
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