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rumr has it! November 20, 2014

Tactics to maximize sales during the holiday season

holiday shopping
Providing in-store pickup for online orders and offering extras such as a free gift-wrapping service can help boost sales during the holidays. However, you should avoid offering blanket discounts across your business, as they may eat into your profits.

To help booster our own holiday sales, I plan on camping out in front of my most loyal customers while singing carols. Too much?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving I hope you’re able to avoid the tragedy of having different foods on your plate touching one another. So get your fat pants ready and have a great holiday!
viral video

Forget going viral, YouTube advises

YouTube executives say the key to marketing success on the platform is to focus less on going viral and more on creating consistent content.

It is always gratifying to have a sermon you’ve preached over-and-over be confirmed within the industry. (happy sigh)
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Reborn To Be Alive

If you are going to do stupid things, at least become an organ donor

The “Re-born To Be Alive” campaign wants to make people aware of the fact that one donor can save up to eight lives. The brain, however, cannot be donated and in some cases that’s a good thing.

I am often amazed at the amount of people who are NOT organ donors. However, if you’re hedge-clipping with a chainsaw, your focus is likely on other matters…
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Understand happiness before you promise it to consumers

Happiness can mean different things to people of varying ages, and a person’s idea of happiness likely will change over time. Marketers who intend to promise happiness to customers should think about their target audience and their individual definitions of happiness, and how that would affect their presentation and messages.

Hmmm, perhaps I should create a marketing plan around my OWN happiness and see where that gets me?
consumer happiness
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rumr has it!

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