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rumr has it! March 17, 2015

What marketers can learn from the Girl Scouts

girl scouts
The Girl Scouts have gone digital with their cookie sales, but they still recognize the value of personal connections. Among other things, their marketing methods demonstrate the need to get the right talent, make continuous learning a priority and develop a seamless customer experience.

The opening lyrics of the timeless Girl Scouts hymn applies not only to freindship but also to marketing, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.”

Don’t let them fool you, those girls are ruthless. RUTHLESS, I tell ya!

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rumr likes it!

Vickery Park
Vickery Park is designed to be nothing more than a bar serving food, with a greater emphasis placed on alcohol selection than layout. It’s just a neighborhood tavern, and that’s good enough for me.

Hashtag marketing takes off at South by Southwest

Brands are seeking to woo SXSW attendees by using hashtags to stand out. To cut through the clutter, companies are whipping up hashtag campaigns that turn social chatter into on-the-ground activations.

Because if there’s one thing Millennials love, it’s music, drinking and hashtags. #KeepAustinWeird
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This car commercial will totally screwed up your brain

This great commercial for the new Skoda Fabia wants to test how attention grabbing its design is by parking it on the street and seeing what happens. Spoiler: It will totally blow your mind.

ARGH! After watching this you will start to wonder exactly how “present” you really are in the world…
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Mad Men

AMC unveils “Mad Men” photo-sharing Facebook app

AMC has released a Facebook application tied to its “Mad Men” series that allows fans to insert their own Facebook photos into Don Draper's Kodak pitch from the show’s first season. The Facebook app, called Mad Men Carousel, is part of AMC’s marketing push for the final season of “Mad Men.”

The real question is, how many people actually remember watching the seasonal carousel slideshow? (raises hand)
Kodak slides
Source: Advertising Age learn more

rumr has it!

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