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rumr has it! July 16, 2014

Stay cool when facing social-media criticism

Social Media Criticism
Responding with aggression to rude comments on social media can only worsen the situation and will do nothing to advance your business. It’s better to keep a cool head, stay neutral and focus on the facts to resolve the problem.

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rumr likes it!

The low-key tavern on…um, Bryan Street, has a music room, cool patio and great happy hour drink and food specials during the week, such as Tuesday’s 16-inch pizza and Bud Light pitcher combo for $16.

Tactics to help you get more done in less time

Time-tested techniques and tools can help you get more done during your workday, including working intensely in short “sprints” and organizing your daily tasks into distinct categories based on their urgency and importance.
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Lego and Shell

Everything is NOT Awesome

So Greenpeace is out with with an emotionally powerful ad that takes issues with a deal Shell and Lego signed to sell the toy maker’s products at gas stations in 26 countries.
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Got a dollar? Here’s how to invest it

“A JP Morgan associate, a sex worker, a pastor, a living statue and a marine walk into a bar...” It’s no joke, though it really does sound like the beginning of one, right? Two dozen people from varying walks of life offer advice on how best to invest a single dollar.
Bang for your buck
Source: The Morning News learn more

rumr has it!

rumr marketing offers turn-key services that bring awareness to your brand and help grow your business. Our real-world approach to creating‚ implementing and measuring integrated marketing strategies limits your risk and provides you with a measurable value for your investment.
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