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rumr has it! January 13, 2015

Why brands need interactive video content

interactive video
Brands that use interactive video content experience higher consumer engagement and sales, allowing you tease a person into an initial interaction with your ad, set expectations and give them an opportunity for purchase.

People want aesthetically pleasing ads in noticeable placements, and preferably with the ability to interact. Do you hear that? It’s me banging my head against my desk…

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rumr likes it!

Ginger Man
Feeling a little bit like an outdoor living room, the Ginger Man (Lakewood) is a pretty nice place for a beer or three. With the lights of the Lakewood Theater glowing across the street, the outdoor patio is a great place to sit, chat and enjoy another Lakewood Lager.
e-mail marketing

Tips for a better e-mail marketing campaign

Launching an effective e-mail marketing campaign may appear complex at first, as there are many potential pitfalls to avoid. Here are 13 tips to stay on the right track, from writing carefully crafted subject lines to making sure your messages will be displayed properly on mobile devices.

I sometimes feel that explaining email as the Rube Goldberg machine of online marketing, with multiple moving parts, is my own personal form of insanity.
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Why Are These Guys Beating the Crap Out of A Bag of Doritos?

Created by Chuck McCarthy, this ad opens with two guys beating the crap out of… someone or something. A lady then runs up and yells, “Hey, why do you guys hate…” The joke is worth the watch, trust me.

Anything said would ruin the joke, so I will only say that their accents are spot-on perfect for the situation.
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A few Apple design myths debunked

In “4 Myths About Apple Design,” former senior Apple designer Mark Kawano discusses common misconceptions about the design of Apple products, from the myth that Apple has the best designers in the world to that Steve Jobs’s passion scared employees.

I don’t care what anyone says, Steve Jobs still scares me from the great beyond. That’s right, he has THAT much (evil?) power…
Steve Jobs
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rumr has it!

rumr marketing offers turn-key services that bring awareness to your brand and help grow your business. Our real-world approach to creating‚ implementing and measuring integrated marketing strategies limits your risk and provides you with a measurable value for your investment.
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