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rumr has it! January 15, 2014

Stay focused when venturing onto social media marketing

rumr marketing
The rapid increase of social media networks can potentially pull small businesses in too many directions. It’s important to concentrate on the most relevant social channels and choose the right solution for your particular situation, as well as the right person to manage your business’ online presence. So how can a small business keep their social media on task, effective, and growing?
Source: SCORE Small Business Success Blog

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Social Media Strategies
Do Teens Matter?
The disappearing artist…literally
Q1 Marketing Check-In!
rumr has it!
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Cosmo’s Bar & Lounge is a place that can pull off the terms “80s” and “swank” in the same breath. Strong drinks and tasty food make this an authentic hipster dive without being pretentious, and that’s saying something in Dallas.
Facebook teen

Facebook’s teen problem may be more myth than fact

Media hype around Facebook’s declining base among teenagers doesn’t exactly match the facts. Facebook execs have repeatedly stated that “teens are not abandoning the platform in droves.” Luckily for marketers, we don’t advertise to teenagers, instead focusing our efforts to 25 to 40 year olds that have real purchasing power.
Source: Mashable
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An artist’s guide to disappearing

Chinese artist Liu Bolin has made a name for himself by painting his body to match the scenery behind him, allowing him to disappear into the background.
Source: The Guardian
Bus Stop
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1st Quarter Check-in!

First Quarter Marketing Check-In!

Happy New Year! And just like that another year has begun and it’s time to set business goals for bigger and better things in 2014. In this case I am talking about marketing reach, better SEO and website improvements, as well as sales figures, employee productivity and even social media followers.

Let rumr marketing evaluate your planning process and help your business reach it’s first quarter goals, both big AND small.
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rumr has it!

rumr marketing offers turn-key services that bring awareness to your brand and help grow your business. Our real-world approach to creating‚ implementing and measuring integrated marketing strategies limits your risk and provides you with a measurable value for your investment.
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