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rumr has it! February 20, 2014

Mobile website can be vital for business

rumr marketing
Businesses without a mobile platform may lose out on sales and poorly portray a brand, as the amount of local searches made on mobile phones and tablets quadrupled in 2012. Millions of consumers are turning to their smartphones and tablet devices to make purchasing decisions every day, and 72% of mobile users say that a mobile-friendly website is an important aspect of their purchase decisions.
Source: B2C Marketing Advisor

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Goodfriend is inundated with hipsters but don’t let that scare you off. Its ever-changing draft selection, tasty burgers and comfy patio makes this a fun, relaxing place to be.
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Social media-driven predictions are still a work in progress

Researchers have been culling through old social media chatter and retroactively finding patterns that suggest online buzz could one day be used to predict major real-world events. However, no one has yet to go out on a limb and started using these calculations to predict events that haven’t yet happened. Until then, it would be wise to remain circumspect about the predictive powers of Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media.
Source: MIT Technology Review online
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Gun Safety PSA Says It’s the Right to Bear Arms, NOT to Be A Dumb*ss

Evolve, a non profit gun safety organization, takes a satirical look at your founding fathers reviewing the Bill of Rights… specifically the second amendment.
Source: AdRants
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Examine your business’ website to boost conversion rates

If you want to make your website better, first determine what it is you want visitors to do, then work backward to figure out how to improve each step of the process that leads to that desired activity. The key to improving your overall website is to improve each page in your conversion funnel, from research to optimization.

Let rumr marketing evaluate your website and provide a plan to help your business better understand your audience and communicate your brand and product offerings.
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rumr has it!

rumr marketing offers turn-key services that bring awareness to your brand and help grow your business. Our real-world approach to creating‚ implementing and measuring integrated marketing strategies limits your risk and provides you with a measurable value for your investment.
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