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rumr has it! December 9, 2014

Polish your social media marketing for the holidays

holiday social media
The holiday shopping period is an ideal time to boost social media efforts, focusing on the right networks, posting images to increase engagement and providing useful, concise content.

Unfortunately, my original idea involved a Christmas movie that focused on Grumpy Cat and her crazy shenanigans. (sigh)

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
The rumr marketing team wishes you hope, peace, joy and other marketing buzzwords.
content writing

Make your landing page persuasive using these tactics

With the right approach to writing content, you can take your website landing pages from generic to persuasive in just a few steps. Focusing on the benefits of your solution, showing that you understand your audience’s needs, and brief and exclusive content are a few solutions to consider.

Wait, are you telling me that providing useful, concise content trumps a mish-mash of broken links, non-loading images and a billion calls-to-action? Who knew?
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Even St. Nick has to poop

It seems jolly St. Nick leaves less happy presents in people’s homes on Christmas Eve, according to Poo-Pourri’s hilariously inappropriate Christmas ad. The before-you-go toilet spray is back with quite the seasonal surprise, “Even Santa Poops.”

No additional funny quips needed, honestly. OK, maybe just one… “The whole house smells like a gingerbread man-slaughter.”
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Belarus rolls out the world’s biggest truck

The Belaz 75710 is the biggest dump truck in the world, a 26-foot-tall colossus capable of hauling up to 450 tons. Its creators will explain why we need this behemoth from Belarus for the mining industry.

So…is this the most obvious case of compensation truck? Just sayin’.
Belaz 75710
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rumr has it!

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