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rumr has it! August 29, 2015

Cut ties with troublesome customers

angry customer
Forgoing potentially lucrative contracts can be painful for small businesses, but entrepreneurs say turning away troublesome customers is sometimes worthwhile. However, be aware of the law so you can avoid the appearance of discrimination.

Uh-huh, be picky when building your client list. Funny how it’s usually businesses that have already made it offer advice such as this. 8 to 80, blind, crippled, or crazy, I say. Hey, don’t judge…

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rumr likes it!

Go 4 It
Most sports bars are usually dark, seedy, and smell of spilled beer, but Go 4 It Sports Grill is what you might call “family-friendly.” Don’t let that scare you away, however, as the burgers are tasty, the chips crunchy, the hot sauce spicy and the beers frosty and cold. That’s a good combination no matter who you are, kids not included…
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Start from scratch on social media

burning barn Successful prospecting requires that marketers start all over with evidence-based, data-driven marketing. Consumers expect brands to engage on social networks, provide quick customer service and stand for something more than just selling products.

I’ve been trying and trying and TRYING to explain to my clients that implementing patchwork fixes to their social strategies as organic reach doesn’t work. But does anyone listen? Nooooo…
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Denny’s hit a Grand Slam with its breakfast-character series

Denny’s decided to turn its Grand Slam breakfast ingredients into video characters last year, and after 13 episodes and nearly a year, the Web series has racked up 15.8 million views.

Do you think any Generation Z viewers recognize that this campaign is pretty much a California Grapes knock-off? Yeah, I know…it doesn’t matter anyway. Oh, and I’m old. Thanks.
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The rise and fall of Jell-O salad

Americans used to love Jell-O salads, a reaction to the rise of processed and ready-made foods that allowed housewives to use molds and add ingredients for easy-to-make meals Those days are gone…long gone.

I will admit to not having made (nor had) a Jell-O salad in years but news of its enticingly fancy demise makes me sad. Sad enough to make and eat a Jell-O salad? No.
Jell-O Salad
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rumr has it!

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