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According to a recent Google report, consumers are most likely to watch 30-second spots in full, while 15-second ads fail to successfully convey brand image to the consumer.
Remember, compelling content is what grabs viewer attention and holds it, not simply branding…

How to find your flow: A simple guide to better concentration & higher productivity

Being in an intense state of concentration is sometimes called being “in the flow.” Unfortunately, this happens only every once in a while, with the average office worker being interrupted every 3 minutes. There ARE ways you can retrain yourself, however, to get into a deep state of focus when you really need to. read more

Bonus download: “How to Be More Productive”

building a better business

How to build a better business this spring

Find opportunities to improve your business this Spring by imagining that you are showing it to a new employee or investor. If you’re doing things the same way you were doing them 10 or even five years ago, chances are good that you’re overlooking a better way. read more

Rio Olympics

NBC unveils $100M Rio campaign

NBC is attempting to reaching every US consumer 65 times during this summer’s Rio Olympic Games, with 30-second prime-time space selling for up to $1 million and opening ceremony packages in excess of $10 million. read more

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Are you tired of traditional advertising agencies? Do you just want to partner with a firm that really understands what you need‚ when you need it?

rumr marketing offers turn-key services that bring awareness to your brand and help grow your business. Our real-world approach to creating‚ implementing and measuring integrated marketing strategies limits your risk and provides you with a measurable value for your investment.

Have a project in mind or a question to ask? Send us your details or call (214) 402-5654 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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