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rumr has it! April 16, 2014

The 3 Essential Elements of Successful Content Marketing

targeted marketing
Running a small business (or large, for that matter) would be a whole lot easier if it wasn’t for that one issue that probably keeps cropping up, content marketing.

What makes content “good” and is there a difference between content marketing and simply writing an entertaining blog? If you really want to build a strong business around content, there are three key components…

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rumr likes it!

The Goat is a dark joint just south of White Rock Lake with cheap long necks, strong drinks, sassy bartenders working the curvilinear tape-mended bar, pool tables and a live blues bands. Only the most seedy of characters need visit this secret treasure.
Counting Coins

How to kick-start your marketing
while saving money

Marketing can be a budget drain for new businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of tips to keep marketing expenses in check, including hiring a freelance graphic artist, maximizing the value of your existing marketing materials and finding the right automated marketing solutions.
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Kevin Spacey Is E-Trade’s Talent Scout

After ceremoniously parting ways with the talking baby that was the face of its brand for the last six years, E-Trade has unveiled Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey as its newest pitchman. He is asking consumers if they are “Type E,” a new breed of online investor.
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Facebook Friend Request

The problem with “friending”
prospective employees

Employers are trying to connect with job candidates on social networks, but that can reveal personal facts such as religion or marital status that employers are not legally allowed to ask about during hiring. Ironically, the employer may not even realize that he or she is discriminating.
Source: National Public Radio/All Tech Considered blog learn more
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