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Enduring Floral Art! Pressed Flowers with Doug Selph

July 20, 2015 – Mary Palmer

Speechless about how to describe pressed floral art when involved in a heated discussion at the next cocktail party? Just watch this workshop by Doug Selph. You will soon be an expert! Doug founded Southern Botanics a mere year ago and has set the interior designer world on fire with his magnificent command of pressed flowers. [read more]

Fine Cabin Style: Art in Movement

July 17, 2015 – M. Mitchell

Movement is an intricate and important element of nature. Beginning with birth, and evolving to growth and decay– the natural world is constantly changing, and within that fluctuation is a consistent and everevolving beauty that can infuse life into a space. Incorporating the idea of movement either literally or figuratively into an interior design generates a world of juxtaposition and possibility. [read more]

Fine Cabin Living: Southern Botanics

April 30, 2015 – M. Mitchell

Southern Botanics’ mission is to capture the beauty of nature and preserve it as a precious memory. Creator Douglas Selph started Southern Botanics along with his partner, Austin Davis, after developing a lifelong appreciation for foraging for flowers and plants- evolved into a hobby of pressing these botanical specimens and mounting them into eye-pleasing compositions to share with the world. [read more]

Artist Spotlight: Southern Botanics

as featured by Westside Market

We collect flowers, leaves and other plan materials, press them and then mount them on 100% cotton rag paper which is acid-free and lignin-free. Our mounted “botanicals” are then matted and labeled with information on the Latin and common names of the specimen and where and when it was collected. [read more]



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